Man commits suicide by setting himself ablaze in Morocco consulate in Spain.

Information gathered that a man was seriously injured after setting himself ablaze outside the Moroccan consulate in Madrid on Tuesday.

police and diplomatic sources released this information after much panic.

the incident took place in a northeastern district of the Spanish capital at around 12noon, the man was taken to hospital in a serious condition.  The emergency services reported

An emergency spokesman reported of treating a man who suffered serious at La Paz Hospital yesterday.

Police sources confirmed how the man had set himself on fire outside the Moroccan consulate” but were unable to give further details.

Details of the incident were confirmed by a Moroccan diplomatic source.

“The person set himself on fire next to the consulate. We have no idea why he did it. It happened very quickly

Unconfirmed media reports said the man was a Moroccan national in his 40s.

“I saw him running and there were people behind him trying to pull his clothes off.

“From the way the flames were starting from his head, I think he had poured petrol over himself,” said the witness, who gave his name as Rasheed, adding that he saw someone running over with a fire extinguisher to try and put out the flames.

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