Only if l Can Predict, l would have Say No To My Wife, Raheem Gbenga.

Raheem Gbenga the husband of a female lawyer, Omobolanle, who was shot dead by an Assistant Superintendent of Police, Drambi Vandi, in Lagos has broken his silence on the death of his wife, IGBERETV reports.

He said On December 25, my wife nieces, nephews, and cousins, who had come for the holiday, all went to Church.

On our way coming back, my wife Omobolanle said since it was Christmas Day, l should take everyone out, so we went to a supermarket at Abraham Adesanya, then to Domino’s Pizza.

After that, we headed towards Ajah to do a U-turn to come back to Abraham Adesanya. When we took the U-turn, we saw policemen stopping some vehicles.

As we approached them, they said we should stop, and in the process, we heard a loud sound on my wife’s side window.

All of a sudden, I saw blood gushing out of her chest. I immediately ran out, my sister-in-law, who was also with us, ran out and held the policeman; he cocked his gun at her too.

Talking to him was pointless, so I went to see if anything could be done; I saw my wife gasping for breath, and by that time, my sister-in-law had brought the policeman into the car and pushed him into the front seat.

We drove to a hospital but they said they couldn’t handle it; we eventually took her to Grandville Hospital, where she was confirmed dead.

The policemen took her body and put it in the truck and they expect me to follow them but I said I needed to go and take care of my children.

This is what happen to me the day of celebrating the birth of Jesus, why did they have to kill my wife, is just so sad.publ

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