I Will Tell Them What They Need to Know Come January – Wike

Nyesom Wike, the governor of Rivers state was at Port Harcourt Thursday’s commissioning of the Rumukurishi flyover.

He spoke during the commissioning and warned those who had said they were done with him, saying he would return as Wike by January of the next year.

He claims that starting in January, he would speak to Nigerians in their own language, so those who claim they’ve had enough of him should be on the lookout. In his own words, as disclosed on Channels television.

So today I have given notice to those who are screaming enough is enough of me, I have not even started. I’ll start in January and communicate with Nigerians in their own tongue.

People will understand when they communicate with one another, I have to tell Nigerians the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

He continued by thanking the building firms that the government had worked with since he took office and expressed his hope that his successor would do the same.

Please let him know that I will be arriving in January especially thoes who claimed to be from Borno and to often criticize me on television,

Delta should hear this I’m coming, l have never said anything, but starting in January, I will tell them know what they need to know.

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