National Health Commission of China record 35,183 new COVID-19 infections on Nov 25.

China (NHC) reported 35,183 new COVID-19 infections on Nov 25, of which 3,474 were symptomatic and 31,709 were asymptomatic, the National Health Commission said on Saturday (Nov 26), setting a new high for the third consecutive day.

That compared with 32,943 new cases a day earlier – 3,103 symptomatic and 29,840 asymptomatic infections, which China counts separately.

Excluding imported cases, China reported 34,909 new local cases on Friday, of which 3,405 were symptomatic and 31,504 were asymptomatic, up from 32,695 a day earlier.

There were no deaths, keeping fatalities at 5,232. As of Friday, mainland China had confirmed 304,093 cases with symptoms.

Mega-cities continue to struggle to contain outbreaks, with the southern city of Guangzhou and southwestern Chongqing recording the bulk of new cases.

Guangzhou, a prosperous city of nearly 19 million people, reported 361 new locally transmitted symptomatic and 7,058 asymptomatic cases for Friday, compared with 257 symptomatic and 7,267 asymptomatic cases the day before, local authorities said.

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