Why Peter Obi is The Right Candidate.

Mr. Peter Obi, the Labour Party Presidential Candidate in the Media Office, has said everyone is talking about the candidate because of his training and performance in public office prior to his presidential run.

In a document made public in Abuja, on Friday, the Media Office said, this in response to an innocent question by a Nigerian woman, at a public forum.

The woman asked, Why is everybody talking about Obi…what is it about him that makes people talk.

According to the office, similar questions remain unasked about the Labour Party Presidential candidate Peter Obi, less than 90 days to the presidential ballot scheduled for February 25, 2023.

It said, The Obi-Datti Media Office, aware of this healthy concern, wants to answer why the Labour Party’s Peter Obi has garnered so much in the lead-up to the February election.

Before the current race for the presidency, Obi had been a two-term governor of Anambra State, bequeathing a legacy of performance worthy of emulation.

Besides his track record of performance, Obi has a lot of what other presidential runners have not, starting with his mien which is an indication of his sincerity of purpose.

Indeed, his character is appealing and convincing to the people particularly the younger elements.

Obi has come out when a majority of voters are already fed up with the old brigade in politics and yearning to have Nigeria and its national economy led out of the woods.

At the moment, Obi is the right man for the job and at the right time, coming out when Nigerians are already overstretched by poor leadership consequences.

He peter obi can not be compare with anyone.

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