Terrorist demand 10 million Naira from the family of dead kidnapped victim.

According to report, bandits allegedly demanded 10 million naira from the family of the kidnapped victim who died in their custody after he was kidnapped some weeks agoin Kaduna state.

According to the report, the victim whose name was given as Obadiah Ibrahim, was said to have been kidnapped some weeks ago while travelling from Abuja to Kaduna state.

According to one of the family members of the victim, Kefas Obadiah, the bandits have collected one motorbike and the sum of 3 Millon Naira from them before they announced to them that the victim had died.

Kefas said that the bandits had initially requested for 200 million naira before they negotiated the amount through a negotiator to 3 million naira.

According to the report, the bandits were said to have told the family of the victim that the 3 million naira they sent was for food supply and that they should pay 15 million naira and 3 motorbikes.

The ransom was finally negotiated to 5 million naira, according to report.

After the family paid 3 million naira and one motorbike, the bandits were said to have gone silent for a sometime only to come back to tell them that the victim was dead.

Sadly, the bandits have reportedly asked for 10 million naira before they can release the dead body of the victim to his family.


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