Ukraine Carries out Extensive Drone Attack on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet Sevastopol Homeport.

Friday night, the Russian armed forces suffered another of its trademarked humiliations at the hands of Ukraine when the homeport of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet (Ukraine Carries out Extensive Drone Attack on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet Sevastopol Homeport) was attacked by a combined swarm of undersea and aerial drones.

At least three Russian surface combatants, two guided missile frigates, and a minesweeper received some degree of damage.

However, the damage was much less consequential than the pie-in-the-face to a fleet that has seen its headquarters attacked by Ukrainian drones and its flagship, the Moskva, sunk by Ukrainian anti-ship missiles, see BREAKING.

The flagship of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet was Hit by Ukrainian Missiles, Dead in the Water, Crew Evacuated and BREAKING. Russian Flagship Sinks While Being Towed to Port.

Adding insult to injury, Ukrainian hackers broke into Crimea television channels and ran the video of the attack.

In what can only be described as a toddler kicking the floor in impotent rage, Russia announced that it was suspending the deal it had cut with the EU and Turkey, allowing Ukrainian grain to be shipped via a safe corridor.

The Russians claimed that the attack on Sevastopol was launched from grain ships transiting the corridor that stretches from Odesa to the Bosporus and Dardanelles.

The fact that there were no ships in the grain corridor when the attack was executed was immaterial to Russia pushing out a lie that its lackeys can cling to.

They also blamed their favorite bête noire, the British military.

The Russian sense of superiority (to the Ukrainians) and inferiority (to anything British) is so deeply ingrained that any Russian military humiliation inevitably results in perfidious Albion being blamed rather than considering they may just be messed up.

Then an amazing thing happened. The EU and Turks decided to go ahead with the grain shipments.


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