Samuel Ortom, Benue state Governor has urged Benue citizens to defend themselves with any weapon they have against killer Fulani herdsmen.

The governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom, has disclosed  the federal government of Nigeria has refused to give Benue State the license to start procuring AK-47 for the state sponsored security outfit.

According to Samuel Ortom, the federal government of Nigeria insisted that only the federal government of Nigeria is Constitutionally allowed to procured automatic weapons such as AK-47.

Samuel Ortom went on to say that as a result of the decision of the federal government, he has decided to abandon the idea of procuring AK-47 for the security outfit in Benue State.

Samuel Ortom went on to tell the people of Benue State that the only way they can protect themselves is to make use of weapons that the law of Nigeria permit individuals to posses.

Ortom told Benue people to go to their farms with weapons like cutlass and swords.

He told them that if terrorists attacks them in their farms or places of work, then the law does not prevent them from defending themselves with the weapons.


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