Withdraw your troops from Ukraine if you want peace, Zelensky to Putin.

The only realistic proposal for possible negotiations with Russia should be an immediate end to Putin’s war against Ukraine and the withdrawal of Russian troops to Russia’s borders as of late 1991.

Oleh further added that people who want to negotiate do not destroy the country’s energy system so that its population freezes in winter; they do not engage in mass executions of civilians; do not shell residential areas; do not announce the mobilisation of an additional 300,000 military personnel; do not block grain supplies, and do not push forward any ultimatums.

Also, it would interest you to note that Nikolenko believes that Lavrov’s statement about being ready for negotiations is nothing more than another smokescreen to buy time against the backdrop of the defeats of the Russian army.

Finally, according to Nikolenko, as long as Russia continues to commit crimes in Ukraine, the answer should be the same that is all conflicting issues between the two countries would be settled on the battlefield.


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