Ukraine armed forces claim to have killed 300 Russian troops in Dontesk.

On October 28, the Ukrainian Armed Forces killed around 300 Russian invaders outside the Maiorsk settlement in the Donetsk area.

According to Ukrinform, the General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces stated this in a morning update posted on Facebook.

The opposition launched four missile attacks, up to 25 air raids, and employed multiple rocket launchers more than 70 times in the last day.
More than 35 communities were targeted, including Siversk and Prechystivka in the Donetsk area, Mali Shcherbaky in Zaporizhzhia, Davydiv Brid and Mala Seidemynukha in Kherson, and Kobzartsi in Mykolaiv.

Due to the insecurity of air medical services, the unpreparedness of the Belgorod region’s medical infrastructure, and the overcrowding of hospitals, the enemy is compelled to transport the injured by bus to the adjacent city of Voronezh.

The occupants are changing into civilian clothing and settling into private residences in the Kherson region’s Beryslav hamlet.

The so-called “evacuation” of occupiers from the Kherson region’s temporarily seized area, including medical institutions, continues.

All hospital equipment and medications have been removed from Kherson. Doctors who refuse to leave are barred from entering the hospital premises, even for personal items.

On October 28, around 300 occupants preparing for an attack were eliminated outside the hamlet of Maiorsk.

Around 60 mildly injured soldiers were transferred to medical facilities in Horlivka. In Chervonopivka, Luhansk area, up to 20 Russian servicemen were killed and another 30 were injured.

In the last 24 hours, Ukrainian aircraft made 24 attacks against enemy armament and military equipment concentrations, as well as hostile air defense system sites.

On separate fronts, Ukrainian air defense troops shot down two Su-25 aircraft, a Mi-8 helicopter, and a hostile UAV.

Ukrainian missile forces and artillery soldiers attacked enemy batteries of self-propelled howitzers and other significant military objectives.


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