Dr. Hakeem Baba Northern Elders forum spokesperson reacts to terror alert in FCT.

The Spokesman of the Northern Elders Forum, Dr Hakeem Baba Ahmed has reacted to the terrorists threats on the Nation’s capital, Abuja, which has prompted the reported exodus of many foreigners residing in the Municipal Council.

Recall that there have been terror alert from the United States of America which prompted her Government to begin the evacuation of her citizens while also, leading to the outcry of Abuja residents, crying out and saying that they are leaving on landmines.

Reacting to the above terror alert, Dr Hakeem Baba Ahmed said that millions of Abuja residents have gone about their daily businesses despite the doomsday threats.

According to Dr Hakeem, it’s not that they are not afraid and that they are confused by conflicting signals.

He went on to say that they cannot stay away from their routine existence because the terrorists cannot kill us all. He said that it is their home and that they will not survive by hiding.


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