Russian president Vladimir Putin accused US of monopoly in Africa.

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated on Thursday that the United States is abusing its financial monopoly to expand food imports, which pushes up prices and mostly harms African nations.

Forth paper, everyone is for equality, for helping African nations, and so on.

That sounds wonderful on paper, but what actually happens? Over the last two years, 5.9 trillion dollars and 2.9 trillion euros have been printed. What happened to the money?

It spent its money on purchasing items on worldwide marketplaces.

And, as a food importer, the United States began to buy more food from the global market than it sold on the international market.

It began to purchase food since it possessed a printing press. That is the result of financial monopolies.

At a plenary session of the Valdai international debate group, the president stated that this instantly caused a scarcity.

The president noted last year’s bad harvest, the epidemic, and the fall in productivity.

As part of the fight against the epidemic, he added, money was generated, distributed to the public, and food purchases began, pushing up costs.

Who has been harmed?

This includes mostly African countries, as well as parts of Latin America and Asia. Is anyone considering it? Those who do it, of course, think about it.

They are unconcerned about the repercussions. They pursue their interests without considering the ramifications for those African countries Putin stated.

He stated that global hegemons will have to reckon with the legitimate aspirations of the overwhelming majority of the global society, and that this must be done not in words, but in acts.


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