Vatican Leader, pope Francis warns against sexual immorality.

Pope Francis has warned priests and reverend sisters against watching pornographic movies on the internet because such behaviors will extinguish their spirituality in them.

According to a post by BBC News Yoruba, the Pope gave this warning during a meeting on how people should use the internet and online communication channel in the Vatican.

The Pope said that watching such movies is not good, even though a lot of people engage in watching such films nowadays.

He revealed that the devil usually enters the human world, both male and female as they engage in some activities.

Pope Francis admonished people to use the internet in moderation to perform fruitful activities, as people shouldn’t waste time on the internet.

He noted that priests and reverend sisters that gave their lives to Christ and have pure hearts cannot engage in watching such rated movies.

Pope Francis advised people present during the meeting to delete such movies from their phones, as many churches around the world are against watching blue films.


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